Thursday, August 11, 2005

fun fun

fun fun

ok, some things in my life are just plain wierd. and i mean WIERD.
I've been working with my friends on designing new cards to go with a game we like to play. Only thing is, since i am the one sketching and creating the damn things, shouldn't i at least have a say in what it says? i mean damn!

on top of that it seems to be that my word means s*** (yeah, i bleeped out my own curse LOL) to everyone. but whatever. it could be a combo of things making me feel that way.

on the knitting front...
I totally learned how to do a provisional cast on. toe up socks are now a piece of cake... that is until i hit the heal. In the mean time i am using a thin yarn (but not a sock yarn) to make a small bag. hey its a start

I have been trying to clean my room a bit and i have been winding yarn into pull balls for easier organization. yep, me and organized, it don't work, but i keep trying and trying.
I should have tried at the BEGINNING OF THE SUMMER, and not wait until 2 weeks before school starts...

got knitting stuff plus others (which will be later on in the entry) for my birthday.
size 2 bamboo circular 35in knitting needle, 3 balls of a sock yarn that i was admiring, 4 size 6 dpns that are the length of regular needles. (ok they are these "chinese dpns" that were being sold in this japanese outlet store that my friend frequents. she was telling me and others about them and we expressed interest, they were sold out when we checked them out, so i don't know HOW she got these, but AWESOME)

i also got a knitting book - The New Knitting Stitch Library, Lesley Stanfield. its all charts and i don't know how to read them yet, but i'm learning LOL

Now: non knitting gifts
A pocketbook, a calculator pen, and saftey pins (ok, those are knitting) w/o the coils so they don't snag the work.
An Anime music CD. i'm new to listening to the stuff, but its sounds nice :)
A DnD campaign book that i was too cheap to buy for myself LOL.
a game for my Xbox
and oh yeah AN Xbox! a group of my friends chipped in to get me it and the game and the extra controllers. 2 of my friends put in alot of money, more then i would have ever expected. what i didn't get it how they did it RIGHT IN FRONT OF ME.
talk about different groups acting differently

its an interesting situation... but i'm starting to realize my life is odd
not complaining though

Tuesday, August 02, 2005

well i lost 70 dollars
and won back 10 LOL

yes, yes Atlantic city has made me poor. You know, casinos are not all that AMAZING, but they sure are nice. I loved Showboat and Bally's Wild Wild West. The 2 Trumps i went to Plaza and Marina were ok... marina sucked but that my opinion.
i had fun though,
got no knitting done LOL. i was too tired
but hey, i had fun.

12:03 am 8/1 i bought my first LEGAL drink. the look on the bartenders face was priceless! man, i loved that.

so i'm recovering now. sick because of all the smoke (marina was so strongly smoke filled i'm still having trouble breathing) and covered in bug bites from the ride i took around Smithville at dusk LOL. but i'll surivive.

so now, i am just sitting back, relaxing, and i just might get back to knitting a little later (After i make my mom dinner, today was her last day of classes, and even though she drove me to the point of insanity with her fussing, crying, fitting and screaming - aren't people fun when its the last day of classes and they haven't finished jack shit for their finals?)
i'm making dinner to show i have no hard feelings LOL.
but for now i'm gonna go pass out.

until tomorrow :)

Friday, July 29, 2005

well i'm back

Took a bit of a break from blogger. Actually i had

  1. forgotten i had it,
  2. remembered i had a blog, but forgot my name and password and
  3. didn't have time anyway.

Today i lucked out, a comment posted sent me an e-mail and poof! i found my blog again LOLso thanks Christina! :) (and yes i finished that paper... or at least i think i did?)

so, an update on me. A year's info in one post, scary

Ok... knitting wise...

  1. Finally learned cables (yea!)
  2. learned how to make socks (almost done!) they suck though.
  3. started designing a huge sweater i want for the fall
  4. completed a bunch of scarves
  5. made 2 cute dolls, one for the KR gift fairy and one for my mom.


  1. Decided I hated Business
  2. Decided I hated Baruch
  3. took inituative and set up to transfer
  4. transferd
  5. Starting in the fall at The College Of Staten Island
  6. decided Psych will be great!


  1. Met a bunch of amazing people
  2. Had some family issues (my aunt has cancer, making her a blanket with the help of the people from KR, which reminds me i should head back there as well)
  3. got involved in a few new hobbies, on top of my others

Wow, thats a basic summary of my year LOL.

oh on 8/1 i turn 21!!! legal baby!!! and on top of that, i'm going to Atlantic City, 12:01 i am walking in with ID card in hand and heading straight to the slots LOL

so when it comes to my current projects , i am finishing the socks i have made (need to finish heels and then edit (aka frog) the ribbing because they are a bit too tight)

i'm resetting up my camera again, so i will post pictures of everything when i get a chance. in the mean time this is that dolls i made.

the one in blue i made my mom, her head is crocheted, as are the arms and legs. body is knit.

The one who is knitting i made for Anj (my KR gift fairy) she is purely knitted, and those knitting needles? cute huh? well those are my secret, but the piece she is knitting is knitted on 000s LOL.

oh yeah, one more detail!!!

End of May, begining of June, Anne (from Australia) came into NY and stayed with me for a week. lots of fun to have her here!(and she yelled at me for not blogging)

so anne, so there! i do have a blog, and i finally finally finally came back to it.

next update: when i get home from Atlantic City (and i'll say how much i wonLOL... or lost)


Tuesday, October 12, 2004

have to update!!

its been forever people, but thats the fun of being a college student. ah, the works and joys of learning (anyone wanting to shoot me now, has my blessing) but hey its life right?
i'll write more soon (i hope!!!!!!!) as soon as i get this awful paper done

Wednesday, August 25, 2004

ok my html and javascript is messed up

this page is under construction! augh! look at the sidebar, the now extra side bar. i edited the script and then hit the wrong button. i'll work on it tomorrow... so in the mean time, i know it looks wierd. i'll fix it lol

lots of love

Wednesday, August 18, 2004

i drove, and now i won't for a while

well... my first lesson, and what did i do? crash the car into the wrong lane over a divider in the middle of the road, bust up the tire and mess up the left side of the car, throw out the alignment and just ruin my hopes of driving.
my parents are saying that I have to try again, but i'm lucky we survived this one. youdon't see any damage on the car, and my dad had it realigned, but still...
oh well.
besides that....
decided that my poncho pattern is nice enough to write up and publish on my blog for fun, and for anyone that wants a copy. i'm going to do it that it works for any yarn (by saying what the gauge has to be), so that should work, i hope.
went to six flags great adventure yesterday and took so many picture of the animal (there is a safari drive through). i'm going to upload those soon.

Friday, August 13, 2004

i'm back

well i haven't updated in a while. blah, i know i should have.
well i finished off my mom's scarf! and i did the "finishing" today too. (weaving in ends, snipping extra stuff) well its nice, what can i say.
i've done alot of progress on my poncho, although it definently is not even a quarter finsihed, and my mohair experiment i am stuck on. do i keep it a hat? or pick up stitches and finish the thing as a shawl?
i got my permit today. yes another, yet another new york city driver on the road... although i might be in Wisconsin come next fall. I haven't decided yet on if i'm going to transfer or if i'll just wait until my MBA to go.
heading off to bed, kinda tired

nite all!